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Equation Ilustrator V equation and graphical editor 16*16 icon Equation Illustrator V:
If you're looking for a versatile tool to help you with technical graphics work, you're in the right place.
Small screen shot of Equation Illustrator V equation and graphical editor. A vast array of tools and methods helps you to format and align formulae just the way you want. Create and store regularly used formulae for re insertion in text mode or drag drop simple formulae as drawn objects for easy annotation of geometrical drawings.
A comprehensive array of drawing tools and transform functions makes it easy to create almost anything you can imagine. Rotation, scaling, mirroring, rectangular, polar and scale arrays are just some of the tools there to help you. Equation Illustrator V rotate example

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The program isn't limited to technical drawing. The MGCSoft logo was created entirely with Equation Illustrator V. The letters, outlines, anti-aliasing and resizing, all were created initially using vector (line drawing) outlines. In fact all the images on this web site except the Equation Ilustrator V equation and graphical editor 16*16 icon icon have been created with Equation Illustrator V.
Still not sure whether Equation Illustrator V is for you? Download the free trial then you'll know for sure. Browse the site while you're waiting and look at some of the examples and demonstrations. You can use the program 100 times for free, after which some limitations will apply but you can carry on using the program for as long as you want.

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