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MGCSoft Equation Illustrator awards and reviews
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MGCSoft Equation Illustrator V awards

Excellent (5/5)
Equation Illustrator V 5 star award from Ivertech
Perfect (5/5)
Excellent (5/5)
 5 star image  Five stars at shareware archive.
TUCOWS four cow gif  5 cow image Yes, five cows at
Softforall 5 star logo
OneKit 5 star logo
Download2u five star award
Rocket download 5 smiley faces "Equation Illustrator V is an excellent replacement to a word processor, especially if you tend to edit and share technical content." Read the full review by Nick Smith at  Rocket Download
SoftAward 4 star logo
Sofotex logo
"Some nifty features. Helpful in writing tests and tutorials." Anonymous user opinion at
File Hungry 4 star award
Yippee 4 star award
Science magazine  Full review by Eric Basham (requires subscription)
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Origo logo
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