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Equation Illustrator Version comparison
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Version matrix

  Basic Evaluation Licensed
Drag drop equations 25 characters 255 characters 255 characters
E-mail support 24hr max response time As time permits 24hr max response time
Phone support 9am to 5pm GMT no 9am to 5pm GMT
Evaluation period N/A 30 days N/A
Saving of data and graphics files N/A Disabled after 100 uses. N/A
Rich text support no no from clipboard
Bullets, tabs, indents yes no yes
Text wrap yes no yes
Color picker yes no yes
Maximum vector nodes 123 123 123
Maximum vectors 1000 unlimited unlimited
Macro text entries 15 30 30
Undo limit for text pictures and pastes 100 2000 2000
Vector zoom *8 *50 *50
Custom palette definitions Save enabled No save Save enabled
Stored custom colors yes no yes
Polar arrays 40 iterations unlimited unlimited
Rectangular arrays 20*20 unlimited unlimited
Waveform operations no yes yes
Global font setting for custom palette. yes no yes
Save user drawing defaults. no no yes
Save application defaults. yes no yes
 ¹ dependent on practical and system limitations.
 ² undo for drawing will be limited by system resources.
 ³ rich text attributes from the clipboard are limited to font color, size, style and script.
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